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A Painted Front Door in 7 steps

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First impression, that’s what your front door does for your home. “Welcome come on in,” is a way your front door speaks. I was ready for a new look for my entry and decided to paint the front door. We have had a red front door for eight years and I was ready for a change. Here are directions on how to paint your front door. I did it one day this summer. (see sand bucket list update)

1. Select your paint. When shopping for paint color consider the look from the outside of your house. What looks good with your brick, outside paint, siding. or trim paint? Choose a durable outdoor paint, your door is exposed to the elements of weather.

Cleaning the red front door

2.  Remove hardware if desired. I didn’t. When I painted around the hardware, I used a small brush and took my time to be careful.

Painting around the hardware

3 . Clean and sand the door to rough up the existing paint so that the new paint will adhere better. I cleaned the door with an all-purpose cleaner. Then I used a fine grit sandpaper. Make sure you sand in all the grooves. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or tacky cheese cloth.

4. Put down a drop cloth to catch any drips and drops.

Painting the inset grooves 

5. Paint – I painted the insets first. You can start at the top and paint your way down. Your brush strokes should go with the grain of the wood.

Finished insets 

6. I painted the door on both sides. You may only want to paint the exterior side of the door. My door was white inside the house. I wanted a pop of color to be seen from inside the home as well.

The interior side of the door 

7. Let the paint dry the recommended time as stated on the paint can. Paint a second coat, possibly a third. I knew that this project would take all day to allow for the repeated paint and dry cycle. I made sure I planned not to leave the house, since I couldn’t close the front door while the paint was still wet.

A door that says - Welcome!




I choose Sea Blue. What  color will you chose to welcome friends into your home?

Autumn in Southwest Colorado

Welcome to Moments with Mary

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Mary and husband in the snow


Welcome to one of my New Year resolutions…to start a blog. Several of my friends have told me for years to write stuff down that I tell them, maybe even write a book. After much persistence and encouragement from my friends, here goes. I will try to keep it short so that it will only take a moment of your time, hence Moments with Mary. The ideas I share are my thoughts and are meant to be helpful, enlightening or thought provoking in some way. My Christian views will influence what I speak or write and everything comes from my heart. What I write could be something I’ve learned or experienced and want to share. There will be posts on such things as traditions, organization, helpful hints and more. Hope you come along with me on this journey. You’ll get to know a little about me but more importantly, learn something along the way. I will try to post once a week, so keep reading.