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First Day of School

Back to school time. A new school year means new supplies, meeting new friends, and a fresh start. Unfortunately, it also means mounds of papers. For a fresh start, here are a three ideas.

First, get school organized. 1) Get a hanging file folder for each of your children and put their name on it to help organize any papers that need to be dealt with later. My philosophy is to touch the papers as few times as possible. 2) Read through each paper the day it is brought home and, either, sign it, put it on the calendar, throw it out, or put it in the child’s file for later. Deal with the papers and move on, your time is precious. 3) When filling out paperwork for school, I use my address label to save time when completing address information. 4) Write events or deadlines on the calendar using a different color marker for each child. This way at a glance you know who the event is for. 5) When it is time to put away those large projects that you worked so long and hard on together, you may not want to get rid of the project. To solve this problem take a picture or two of the assignment and you’ll have it forever but, on a smaller more manageable scale.

Second, keep busy. Many of you have kids starting kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college for the first time this year. My advice for you is to keep busy. If you go home and sit, all you will think about is what your child is doing each hour.

Third, bring the first day to a happy ending. As a reward for completing the first day of school, I get a small gift, special candy, or when they are older – cash. I place this item with a note on their bed for them to find when they get home from school. The note is addressed to a “First Grader” or “Second Grader” or whatever grade they started that morning. I write how proud I am of them and their accomplishments. This is a fun tradition.

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