4 Steps to Displaying Your Favorite Pins

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Read My Pins


I read a interesting book by Madeleine Albright called “Read My Pins.”  She relays fascinating stories from her collection of brooches with a diplomatic twist. Her collection of pins are beautiful and each one is filled with meaning. I too have a collection of pins and after reading this book decided to display my pins rather leave them hiding in my jewelry case.





Here is the finished pin display.



You will need:

  • Open picture frame – size, color, and style of your choice. (I picked a 16” x 20” frame.) If your frame does not come with mounting hardware you’ll need this to mount it to the wall.
  • MDF board (or plywood, particle board, or something similar) cut to fit the frame size you purchased. (This will be the back of the display board.)
  • Fabric of your choice to cover the board with an added 3” to all four sides. (Example: my board is 16” x 20” so I got material that measured 22” x 26”.)
  • Staple gun and 1/4” staples and 1/2” staples.
  • Batting or polyfill to use as stuffing.
  • Scissors.

First, place your batting on the MDF board. Cover the board between 1” to 1-1/2” thick.

Second, place your fabric on top of the batting. Turn the board, batting, and fabric over. Pull taut on the back side. Using 1/4” staples, staple one side, then the opposite, pulling the fabric tight as you staple. Staple the other two sides pulling the fabric evenly taut. Trim the excess fabric away from the frame with scissors.

Staple Gun, Fabric, and Board

Third, put the stuffed board in frame. Then staple 1/2” staples every 4” around the frame at a slight angle so that the staples protrude about 1/4”. These will hold the MDF board in place.

Fourth, place you prize pin collection in the batting and hang the frame and pins on a wall.

Finished - White Fabric

Initially, I covered my MDF board in a solid white fabric because I wanted my pins to be prominently showcased. When I was done the pins looked washed out. So, I covered the white fabric with a black fabric. (It seems jewelers already know this trick.) I was very pleased with the results.

On the wall, pins and all

Now my pins have a new home, and I have them displayed proudly.

 Mary Brooch

The oldest pin I own, I received as a gift was when I was nine and wore it for my 4th grade school picture.  

Many of my brooches have a story of their own. Some I received as gifts from grandmothers and friends. Others I found while on vacation or looking at antique stores; these were vintage finds. I even have different holiday pins. Mine don’t have a diplomatic meaning but, they do have sentimental meaning to me.


Do you have any special pins? Why are they special?

Sand Bucket List Update

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Photo Credit: LongBeachIslandSummers.com


Summer is half over, if you have children in school. How is your Sand Bucket List of things to do this summer filling up? I’ve accomplished a few things on my list.


  • Had lunch with different friends. I so enjoy catching up and seeing how God is working in their lives.
  • Had lunch with my husband, twice! Yea, for me. (Sometimes he thinks he is at the bottom of my list). 
  • Have gone to see my parents every other weekend. Making time for your parents is something we should all do more often. 
  • Read the Hunger Games. Oh, was it good! Then I read Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games series. Now, I’m waiting for the third book from the library. Also read Calling Invisible Womenby Jeanne Ray.
  • Painted our front door. (Here’s my discussion on painting the door).
  • Had a U.S. map mounted and framed for the hall.
  • Painted our bedroom closet. And went through all the clothes, shoes, and junk in the closet. Gave away many unused items. 
  • Working on a family tree decoration for the hall (also, more on that in future post). 
  • Sewed a couple origami bags I saw on Pinterest. 
  • Decorated my washer and dryer (see  earlier post).
  • Spent time in my craft room getting inspired.
  • Planning a vacation to Colorado for later this month.

 I’ve made a dent in this summer list but, it’s not over yet. Summer is a great time to enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

 What plans to you have for the rest of your summer?

My Sand Bucket List

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Sand Bucket List

You’ve probably heard of a Bucket List. I have a summer to-do list that I call my Sand Bucket List. Each summer, I make a list of things I want to do, see, learn, or visit. 

When the summer is over, I always think, “Where did the summer go and what did I do?” With my Sand Bucket List, I can see all the things that I have done, seen, learned or visited. This reminds me that I’ve accomplished quite a bit. I did NOT waste my summer. 

This  summer my list contains more than twenty specific items. Here are a few of them:

  • Lunch with my husband
  • Go see my parents, often
  • Read Hunger Games
  • Paint the front door
  • Scrapbook photos from 2011
  • Vacation in Colorado
  • Lunch with various friends
  • Make Christmas ornaments
  • Organize and clean the garage
  • Plant flowers
  • Write more blog posts

My list goes on and on, but I won’t bore you with the rest of it. I may not do everything on the entire list, but having a list gives me a place to start and helps me make the most of my summer. You can make the most of your summer by planning now what you’d like to do until school starts for the kids. What is something on your Sand Bucket List?

Pegboard Organizer

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Finished and stocked pegboard

Here is how to make a pegboard organizer.

Items needed:

        • Picture frame
        • Pegboard to fit
        • Acrylic paint – your choice of color
        • Pegboard hooks

I needed a way to organize my scrapbook scissors and other things in my craft room. With space limited, I decided to hang them on the wall within easy reach using a pegboard. But, that’s like my husband’s garage where he hangs his tools. So, it was off to the consignment furniture store for a way to dress up the boring pegboard. Consignment furniture stores are an inexpensive and good place to look for picture frames.  Just remember, you are looking for a frame not what is in the frame.

This frame was perfect, but not the picture of the ballerina.

$10 frame

It was a steal at $10! I removed the picture and decided not to paint the frame but to leave it as off-white with gold detail. After measuring the inside of the frame where the picture is attached, I got a piece of peg board and had it cut to fit these measurements.  To paint the ugly brown pegboard,

I first primed it with white paint.

Primed pegboard

This keeps the brown from showing through

Painted pegboard

and makes your color true and bright. Next I painted it lime green and nailed it to the back of the frame.

I purchased some peg hooks, mounted the organizer on the wall, inserted the hooks, and started hanging my items. I truly enjoy having my crafting tools and supplies nearby for easy access on a beautifully framed pegboard.

What are some creative ways you have organized your crafting supplies?


Fresh Start

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First Day of School

Back to school time. A new school year means new supplies, meeting new friends, and a fresh start. Unfortunately, it also means mounds of papers. For a fresh start, here are a three ideas.

First, get school organized. 1) Get a hanging file folder for each of your children and put their name on it to help organize any papers that need to be dealt with later. My philosophy is to touch the papers as few times as possible. 2) Read through each paper the day it is brought home and, either, sign it, put it on the calendar, throw it out, or put it in the child’s file for later. Deal with the papers and move on, your time is precious. 3) When filling out paperwork for school, I use my address label to save time when completing address information. 4) Write events or deadlines on the calendar using a different color marker for each child. This way at a glance you know who the event is for. 5) When it is time to put away those large projects that you worked so long and hard on together, you may not want to get rid of the project. To solve this problem take a picture or two of the assignment and you’ll have it forever but, on a smaller more manageable scale.

Second, keep busy. Many of you have kids starting kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college for the first time this year. My advice for you is to keep busy. If you go home and sit, all you will think about is what your child is doing each hour.

Third, bring the first day to a happy ending. As a reward for completing the first day of school, I get a small gift, special candy, or when they are older – cash. I place this item with a note on their bed for them to find when they get home from school. The note is addressed to a “First Grader” or “Second Grader” or whatever grade they started that morning. I write how proud I am of them and their accomplishments. This is a fun tradition.

Parthenon project