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Finished and stocked pegboard

Here is how to make a pegboard organizer.

Items needed:

        • Picture frame
        • Pegboard to fit
        • Acrylic paint – your choice of color
        • Pegboard hooks

I needed a way to organize my scrapbook scissors and other things in my craft room. With space limited, I decided to hang them on the wall within easy reach using a pegboard. But, that’s like my husband’s garage where he hangs his tools. So, it was off to the consignment furniture store for a way to dress up the boring pegboard. Consignment furniture stores are an inexpensive and good place to look for picture frames.  Just remember, you are looking for a frame not what is in the frame.

This frame was perfect, but not the picture of the ballerina.

$10 frame

It was a steal at $10! I removed the picture and decided not to paint the frame but to leave it as off-white with gold detail. After measuring the inside of the frame where the picture is attached, I got a piece of peg board and had it cut to fit these measurements.  To paint the ugly brown pegboard,

I first primed it with white paint.

Primed pegboard

This keeps the brown from showing through

Painted pegboard

and makes your color true and bright. Next I painted it lime green and nailed it to the back of the frame.

I purchased some peg hooks, mounted the organizer on the wall, inserted the hooks, and started hanging my items. I truly enjoy having my crafting tools and supplies nearby for easy access on a beautifully framed pegboard.

What are some creative ways you have organized your crafting supplies?


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