Bunko or Bunco?

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Bunko Sign on the Front Door

It doesn’t matter…getting together with friends and having fun is the name of this game. Tonight my group will start our sixth year of bunko. Many of you play bunko or know someone who does. Bunko is a dice game with a few simple rules. My group plays every month, but it isn’t about the game. It is about being with other women and having fun. With our lives so busy, we needed to set time for us to share, visit, and catch up, a sort of networking. We decided for our group the rule would be to only roll for sixes. This eliminates most thinking and we can concentrate on what we are there for, to visit. Being with your friends is a need we all have. Some men have poker night, women have bunko. Do you plan time with your friends? How do you spend time with your friends?