Christmas Card Prayers

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Christmas Cards Displayed on Blinds Time to take down the twinkling lights, pack the ornaments, and fill up the attic with boxes of Christmas decorations. But, what about those Christmas cards?

It is fun to decorate for the holidays, but when it comes time to take it all down the fun stops. Except for the cards received, that part is fun and easy. We display our cards on our window blinds.

Each year we take all the Christmas cards, put them in a basket, and each night at dinner we pick one card and reminisce and pray for the family who sent us the card until all the cards are gone. This usually stretches the Christmas spirit well into February.

Christmas Cards in Basket

This is a good reason to send and receive Christmas cards. Do you still send Christmas cards?





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Valentine Card Decor

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Love is in the air. Need valentine décor? Here is a quick and nostalgic idea. Display some of your old valentine cards. To protect the sentimental or fragile ones, frame them.  Here is one I got as a little girl from my aunt. She even wrote my name on the envelope in the girl’s hand. It’s fun to reminisce and display a part of your history. XOXO!

Framed Vintage Valentine Card

Valentine Cards

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What better way to relax and have fun with your kids than to make Valentine cards together. Don’t have kids? What a great time to be a kid again.

You’ll need:

  • Paper- scrapbook or construction
  • Glue – Elmers®, stick or rubber cement
  • Scissors- regular or fancy edge
  • Felt pens – crayons – calligraphy pens
  • Glitter
  • Doilies
  • Stickers
  • Photos
  • Sequins

The ideas of things to decorate your cards are endless.

Sit at the table and have fun creating cards for everyone you love.

Some of my favorite cards are the homemade ones. I love the fact that someone created it just for me with paper, glue, and a special poem or heartfelt note.

Homemade Valentine Cards