Make Your Own Book of Spells

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Halloween Book of Spells

I love to decorate my home for Halloween and set a festive mood. I made a book of spells to display. You, too, can make your own book of spells. Here’s how:

Hardback with blank cover




Find a hardback book with a blank, undecorated cover – this makes it easier to add your own book title. 


Covering the spine with black paint



Paint the spine with acrylic black paint to cover up the book’s real title.




Apply the black wash


Then, using the same black paint, mix it with a little water on a paper plate to make a wash. Using a paint brush spread the wash all over the cover of the book. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel. This will make the book appear old and worn.





Next, write with your paint brush any words you would like on your book (for example, Spells and Potions).




Staple Ribbon to Book Pages


To keep the book closed from prying eyes, staple a ribbon to the first and last endpaper pages. The ribbon is used to tie the book shut. You don’t want to spoil the effect, by having the real book be easily read.


Adding Sparkle Glaze



Last, paint a coat of clear sparkle glaze on top of the front cover. This will add a little magic to the look of the book.





Make several books and stack them up or have them lying around your house for fun decor. What magic is up your sleeve?

Painted Front Door - Sea Blue

A Painted Front Door in 7 steps

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First impression, that’s what your front door does for your home. “Welcome come on in,” is a way your front door speaks. I was ready for a new look for my entry and decided to paint the front door. We have had a red front door for eight years and I was ready for a change. Here are directions on how to paint your front door. I did it one day this summer. (see sand bucket list update)

1. Select your paint. When shopping for paint color consider the look from the outside of your house. What looks good with your brick, outside paint, siding. or trim paint? Choose a durable outdoor paint, your door is exposed to the elements of weather.

Cleaning the red front door

2.  Remove hardware if desired. I didn’t. When I painted around the hardware, I used a small brush and took my time to be careful.

Painting around the hardware

3 . Clean and sand the door to rough up the existing paint so that the new paint will adhere better. I cleaned the door with an all-purpose cleaner. Then I used a fine grit sandpaper. Make sure you sand in all the grooves. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or tacky cheese cloth.

4. Put down a drop cloth to catch any drips and drops.

Painting the inset grooves 

5. Paint – I painted the insets first. You can start at the top and paint your way down. Your brush strokes should go with the grain of the wood.

Finished insets 

6. I painted the door on both sides. You may only want to paint the exterior side of the door. My door was white inside the house. I wanted a pop of color to be seen from inside the home as well.

The interior side of the door 

7. Let the paint dry the recommended time as stated on the paint can. Paint a second coat, possibly a third. I knew that this project would take all day to allow for the repeated paint and dry cycle. I made sure I planned not to leave the house, since I couldn’t close the front door while the paint was still wet.

A door that says - Welcome!




I choose Sea Blue. What  color will you chose to welcome friends into your home?

Canvas Makeover

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Canvas Makeover

Once again, I used an old canvas and gave it new life. See the previous post on Repurposed Canvas. My sister was cleaning and found some canvas she had painted on in college and didn’t want them anymore. Yea, free canvas! I sprayed painted one canvas black to hide the previous artwork and covered it with fabric and a wooden initial.







To cover the canvas with fabric follow these steps. Place the fabric on a flat surface and put your canvas over the top of it.







From here you can look to decide how you want the design of the fabric to be positioned on the canvas before cutting and stapling. Make sure your fabric is several inches larger than your canvas and can wrap around the four edges to be stapled.  Start at one side and staple the length of that side placing the staples two or three inches apart. Next pull the fabric taut and staple the opposite side in the same way. Leave the corners unstapled. Now do the top and bottom the same way. Next, finish the corners. Fold them like you are wrapping a package and staple. Then trim the excess fabric.



I added a large painted wooden initial purchased at the local craft store to the top of the fabric. You can add whatever you like. My fabric is a black and white print. To add a bold contrast for the color of the initial, I choose purple. You should choose a contrasting color that you like. Use two or three coats of acrylic paint on your letter or object. Seal with one coat of a polyurethane varnish. You can use either a matte or satin finish. After the letter is dry, hot glue it in the center of the canvas and you’re done.


To add more interest, you can hot glue a pretty trim a round the edge of the canvas. Hang your original artwork and be proud of yourself. What will you make with a recycled canvas?


Laundry Room Fun

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Adding Black Swirl Flowers to a Washer and Dryer I know you have been to Pinterest and seen lots of ideas, but have you done any of them? I recently saw a washer and dryer made fun with paint and vinyl stickers and thought I’d try it. My washer and dryer are basic, boring white, and I didn’t see the need or desire to paint them. So I just bought some vinyl stickers at the hobby store and applied them to make my laundry time a little whimsical.

First, find some vinyl design stickers that you like. It could be words of a great saying, colorful flowers, or in my case, a simple black swirl design with flowers.

Second, clean the outside of your machines, with a mild cleaner.

Third, cut the design apart and temporarily tape it where you think you want the design to go. Play around with your pattern. Deciding where you want it placed is easier up front.

Applying the Design Fourth, peel and press the design where you decided it looks best. Go slow while pressing so as not to get any bubbles. If you do get a wrinkle or bubble just lift your design and try again.

Fifth, stand back and admire your handiwork. It was fast and easy, wasn’t it?


Decorated Washer and Dryer



What design will you use to dress up your ho-hum washer and dryer?