Sand Bucket List Update

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Summer is half over, if you have children in school. How is your Sand Bucket List of things to do this summer filling up? I’ve accomplished a few things on my list.


  • Had lunch with different friends. I so enjoy catching up and seeing how God is working in their lives.
  • Had lunch with my husband, twice! Yea, for me. (Sometimes he thinks he is at the bottom of my list). 
  • Have gone to see my parents every other weekend. Making time for your parents is something we should all do more often. 
  • Read the Hunger Games. Oh, was it good! Then I read Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games series. Now, I’m waiting for the third book from the library. Also read Calling Invisible Womenby Jeanne Ray.
  • Painted our front door. (Here’s my discussion on painting the door).
  • Had a U.S. map mounted and framed for the hall.
  • Painted our bedroom closet. And went through all the clothes, shoes, and junk in the closet. Gave away many unused items. 
  • Working on a family tree decoration for the hall (also, more on that in future post). 
  • Sewed a couple origami bags I saw on Pinterest. 
  • Decorated my washer and dryer (see  earlier post).
  • Spent time in my craft room getting inspired.
  • Planning a vacation to Colorado for later this month.

 I’ve made a dent in this summer list but, it’s not over yet. Summer is a great time to enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

 What plans to you have for the rest of your summer?

Bunko or Bunco?

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Bunko Sign on the Front Door

It doesn’t matter…getting together with friends and having fun is the name of this game. Tonight my group will start our sixth year of bunko. Many of you play bunko or know someone who does. Bunko is a dice game with a few simple rules. My group plays every month, but it isn’t about the game. It is about being with other women and having fun. With our lives so busy, we needed to set time for us to share, visit, and catch up, a sort of networking. We decided for our group the rule would be to only roll for sixes. This eliminates most thinking and we can concentrate on what we are there for, to visit. Being with your friends is a need we all have. Some men have poker night, women have bunko. Do you plan time with your friends? How do you spend time with your friends?