Halloween Dinner

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Halloween time is special and that calls for a special meal near this sweet holiday. On my menu is Monster Meatloaf, deviled eggs, salad, drink of poison, and dessert. It is a fun meal to be crazy. Here’s the menu I served.


Special Halloween Menu

Broiled Monster Feet:

Meatloaf Feet

Use your favorite meat loaf recipe and shape the meatloaf into two feet. To do this I half the meat mixture so the feet will be the same size. Make a good size ball and flatten some for the sole of the foot. Next get another good size ball and press against the back of the main foot and set upright to form the ankle. Then make four (more or less depending on your monster) small balls for the toes. Last, press almond halves or slices into the toes for toenails. Bake as per your recipe.

Boiled Dinosaur Eggs:

Dinosaur Eggs



To make boiled dinosaur eggs, take hard boiled eggs with a little pepper or paprika sprinkled on top. Place on a bed of spinach.



Eyes of Newt:

Newt's Eyes


To make these, take a tortilla and spread evenly with cream cheese mixed with spices.  Then roll the tortilla up and slice in into about a half-inch thick pieces. Place on their side and put a black olive on top with a pimento in the middle of the olive.

Tossed Creepy Critters

Critter Salad



Use a mixture of spring greens that look like grass. Add carrots, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, and anything else you like. Make the pieces large enough to be easily seen.



Decorative Halloween Bowl




Place your food in decorative Halloween bowls, if you have them. If not, an orange or black bowl will do.






Cooked Meatloaf Feet



Add ketchup to the finished monster feet before serving. (Yuk!)




Poisoned Kool Aid

Serve green Kool Aid and call it slime or ooze. Or server water with a little food coloring and say it might be poison. I used beakers and flasks. (Keep them guessing, I always say).

The book in this picture will be featured in a future blog post.



Halloween Tablescape

This meal doesn’t have to be only for kids. Be creative with your menu. I suggest serving this meal on any night other than Halloween as the kids will be only thinking of candy. Halloween night serve a light, quick meal so as not to interfere with the main event, Trick-or-Treating.


What creepy menu items would you serve?

Painted Front Door - Sea Blue

A Painted Front Door in 7 steps

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First impression, that’s what your front door does for your home. “Welcome come on in,” is a way your front door speaks. I was ready for a new look for my entry and decided to paint the front door. We have had a red front door for eight years and I was ready for a change. Here are directions on how to paint your front door. I did it one day this summer. (see sand bucket list update)

1. Select your paint. When shopping for paint color consider the look from the outside of your house. What looks good with your brick, outside paint, siding. or trim paint? Choose a durable outdoor paint, your door is exposed to the elements of weather.

Cleaning the red front door

2.  Remove hardware if desired. I didn’t. When I painted around the hardware, I used a small brush and took my time to be careful.

Painting around the hardware

3 . Clean and sand the door to rough up the existing paint so that the new paint will adhere better. I cleaned the door with an all-purpose cleaner. Then I used a fine grit sandpaper. Make sure you sand in all the grooves. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or tacky cheese cloth.

4. Put down a drop cloth to catch any drips and drops.

Painting the inset grooves 

5. Paint – I painted the insets first. You can start at the top and paint your way down. Your brush strokes should go with the grain of the wood.

Finished insets 

6. I painted the door on both sides. You may only want to paint the exterior side of the door. My door was white inside the house. I wanted a pop of color to be seen from inside the home as well.

The interior side of the door 

7. Let the paint dry the recommended time as stated on the paint can. Paint a second coat, possibly a third. I knew that this project would take all day to allow for the repeated paint and dry cycle. I made sure I planned not to leave the house, since I couldn’t close the front door while the paint was still wet.

A door that says - Welcome!




I choose Sea Blue. What  color will you chose to welcome friends into your home?

Ten Steps for a Wall Family Tree

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Family trees are a great way to display family photos. Rather than having photos lined up down the hallway, I used a vinyl sticker tree and placed the photos around the branches. Here’s how.

1) First, purchase a vinyl sticker tree that you like. They are in the home décor department at most stores, I got this one at Pier 1 Imports.

2) Select a wall where you want to place your family tree.

3) Lay the tree down on the floor and cut the branches apart. This will allow you to arrange them out like you want. You will want the tree in a shape that fits the space you’re going to use for the tree. Most vinyl trees when assembled like the package says are only 4’ tall. To make your tree taller do not put the tree together like the package says. You will cut the branches and place them in various directions to create your tree as tall and wide as you like and also make room for the photos.

4) Place the tree branches in the shape you desire and be sure and use a measuring tape or yardstick so you won’t make your tree too tall or too wide for the wall. Better to arrange the tree on the floor than to put it on the wall and see it doesn’t fit.

5) Place the photos where you want them while the tree is still on the floor. Lay the photos on top of the branches. Great grandparents and grandparents first on the bottom branches of the tree, then you and your spouse’s next, and last your children on the top branches. All the photos I choose are from everyone’s wedding. (For the grandparents I didn’t always have a wedding photo, so I used the earliest photo I could find.)

6) Make sure your wall is clean and dry.

7) Starting at the bottom peal the vinyl sticker backing off and start applying the sticker to the wall. I used a cloth rag to help press the sticker on and remove any air bubbles.

8) Get creative and make your tree unique. Have the branches go wherever you want; place the photos in whatever order you think best.

9) Step back occasionally and see if you like your placement. The nice thing about the vinyl sticker is you can take it off and replace it where you want.

10) Enjoy the new artwork. I hope you love your family tree as much as I love mine. This project was on my Sand Bucket List Update.

How far back can you go with pictures of your family?

Sand Bucket List Update

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Photo Credit: LongBeachIslandSummers.com


Summer is half over, if you have children in school. How is your Sand Bucket List of things to do this summer filling up? I’ve accomplished a few things on my list.


  • Had lunch with different friends. I so enjoy catching up and seeing how God is working in their lives.
  • Had lunch with my husband, twice! Yea, for me. (Sometimes he thinks he is at the bottom of my list). 
  • Have gone to see my parents every other weekend. Making time for your parents is something we should all do more often. 
  • Read the Hunger Games. Oh, was it good! Then I read Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games series. Now, I’m waiting for the third book from the library. Also read Calling Invisible Womenby Jeanne Ray.
  • Painted our front door. (Here’s my discussion on painting the door).
  • Had a U.S. map mounted and framed for the hall.
  • Painted our bedroom closet. And went through all the clothes, shoes, and junk in the closet. Gave away many unused items. 
  • Working on a family tree decoration for the hall (also, more on that in future post). 
  • Sewed a couple origami bags I saw on Pinterest. 
  • Decorated my washer and dryer (see  earlier post).
  • Spent time in my craft room getting inspired.
  • Planning a vacation to Colorado for later this month.

 I’ve made a dent in this summer list but, it’s not over yet. Summer is a great time to enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

 What plans to you have for the rest of your summer?

Laundry Room Fun

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Adding Black Swirl Flowers to a Washer and Dryer I know you have been to Pinterest and seen lots of ideas, but have you done any of them? I recently saw a washer and dryer made fun with paint and vinyl stickers and thought I’d try it. My washer and dryer are basic, boring white, and I didn’t see the need or desire to paint them. So I just bought some vinyl stickers at the hobby store and applied them to make my laundry time a little whimsical.

First, find some vinyl design stickers that you like. It could be words of a great saying, colorful flowers, or in my case, a simple black swirl design with flowers.

Second, clean the outside of your machines, with a mild cleaner.

Third, cut the design apart and temporarily tape it where you think you want the design to go. Play around with your pattern. Deciding where you want it placed is easier up front.

Applying the Design Fourth, peel and press the design where you decided it looks best. Go slow while pressing so as not to get any bubbles. If you do get a wrinkle or bubble just lift your design and try again.

Fifth, stand back and admire your handiwork. It was fast and easy, wasn’t it?


Decorated Washer and Dryer



What design will you use to dress up your ho-hum washer and dryer?