Six Word Memoirs

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I recently read a magazine article that talked about a challenge a writer gave to his readers, it was to write your life story and pare it down to six words. Boiling down my life story to its essence was thought provoking, and I had fun with it. My six word memoir: Family, Friends, Faith, Fun, Fashion, Future!

Family: My childhood was wonderful, didn’t have or need much. Met a man that loves me, respects me, with the same values and goals. Was home to raise my children, open to them, listened to them, respected them, and now they are open, listen, and respect me. Friends: I love being around my friends as I am a very social person and couldn’t make it a day without them. Faith: Church has always been a part of my life. God has truly blessed me and I am grateful to him. Fun: I am naturally a happy person, my life isn’t perfect but I am positive and have fun. Fashion: It is my pleasure. Looking well put together is one way I express my confidence.  Future: I look toward to the future with open arms. Change is something I embrace.

Now, give it a try with your life story. Not sure where to start? Take your time, it took me three days. I wrote a long list of adjectives describing my life and finally came up with my six words. During this process, I came up with four that all started with the letter F, and I decided to continue the pattern.  

To check out other six word memoirs you can visit I hope you enjoy finding the words that describe your life journey. Think about your life story. What is your Six-Word Memoir? For more information check out the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Larry Smith.