Halloween Dinner

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Halloween time is special and that calls for a special meal near this sweet holiday. On my menu is Monster Meatloaf, deviled eggs, salad, drink of poison, and dessert. It is a fun meal to be crazy. Here’s the menu I served.


Special Halloween Menu

Broiled Monster Feet:

Meatloaf Feet

Use your favorite meat loaf recipe and shape the meatloaf into two feet. To do this I half the meat mixture so the feet will be the same size. Make a good size ball and flatten some for the sole of the foot. Next get another good size ball and press against the back of the main foot and set upright to form the ankle. Then make four (more or less depending on your monster) small balls for the toes. Last, press almond halves or slices into the toes for toenails. Bake as per your recipe.

Boiled Dinosaur Eggs:

Dinosaur Eggs



To make boiled dinosaur eggs, take hard boiled eggs with a little pepper or paprika sprinkled on top. Place on a bed of spinach.



Eyes of Newt:

Newt's Eyes


To make these, take a tortilla and spread evenly with cream cheese mixed with spices.  Then roll the tortilla up and slice in into about a half-inch thick pieces. Place on their side and put a black olive on top with a pimento in the middle of the olive.

Tossed Creepy Critters

Critter Salad



Use a mixture of spring greens that look like grass. Add carrots, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, and anything else you like. Make the pieces large enough to be easily seen.



Decorative Halloween Bowl




Place your food in decorative Halloween bowls, if you have them. If not, an orange or black bowl will do.






Cooked Meatloaf Feet



Add ketchup to the finished monster feet before serving. (Yuk!)




Poisoned Kool Aid

Serve green Kool Aid and call it slime or ooze. Or server water with a little food coloring and say it might be poison. I used beakers and flasks. (Keep them guessing, I always say).

The book in this picture will be featured in a future blog post.



Halloween Tablescape

This meal doesn’t have to be only for kids. Be creative with your menu. I suggest serving this meal on any night other than Halloween as the kids will be only thinking of candy. Halloween night serve a light, quick meal so as not to interfere with the main event, Trick-or-Treating.


What creepy menu items would you serve?

You Need a Vacation, and Here’s Why

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Vacation! Trout Lake just south of Telluride, Colorado

What does vacation mean to you?  Is it the chance to recharge your batteries? Is it visiting family? Is it going somewhere like the beach, mountains, fun parks, exotic places, a cruise, national parks, national monuments, museums, resorts, and camping. Or is it just simply not having to cook for a week? Your destination isn’t important. But, what is important is to get away, take time to relax, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Over the years my family has had vacations at all of the above places, but what my children remember most is being together and enjoying our time as a family. It’s nice to have a different routine or to slow down. Jesus even needed time to get away. He would retreat to the garden to reflect, pray, and have alone time. On time he crossed the lake to get away from crowds so he could morn the lost of a friend. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is, “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalms 46:10.

Try vacating your routine, get away, and spend time with God. Nature is a great way to see God at work. Our family recently went to Colorado and in one week we witnessed beautiful flowers, the sunrise, sunsets, majestic mountains, waterfalls, canyons, rivers, forests (Aspen trees are my favorite), a double rainbow, wildlife (we even saw two bears),  and a wonderful full moon.Double rainbow - taken north of Durango, Colorado

Even if you can’t get away be sure and enjoy life while it is going on around you. Georgia O’Keeffe said, “Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time.” Stop and really see don’t just look.

Where is your favorite vacation spot to stop and really see?

I Love Scrapbooking

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Some of my scrapbook albums by year.

WARNING: What you are about to read can be very contagious and addictive! I heart scrapbooking! I caught this bug several years ago. It can only be cured by placing your memories in albums and leafing through them at later times to enjoy. Because I take pleasure in this pastime, I figured that one day my kids might want their own scrapbooks to enjoy.

 I have an album for each calendar year, the date is embossed on the spine of each scrapbook, these are my albums. I also have an album for each child. When making copies of photos I make an extra copy of a few photos throughout the year that I would like to put in that child’s album. For example: to record a birthday party, I may take five pages to document the event. But in the child’s album, I only put three or four photos from the big day. This let’s each of my kids have a scrapbook that is strictly theirs. They can write in, look through, touch, explore, and one day take it with them to remember their childhood. I let them decorate their album with stickers and write what they want to. This also gives a history of my child’s handwriting and creativity at each stage of their life. (They don’t write in my album.)

 It isn’t always easy to keep these albums up-to-date but I try. When there is a snow day, an unplanned free day, or a day when I just need to get away, I retreat to my albums. When working on them, I get a chance to reminisce and reflect on what a great family God has blessed me with. Good luck on this infectious disease.

Do you scrapbook?  How do you document each year?