Repurposed Canvas

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I wanted original art for my guest room. Thinking outside the box, I looked for canvas, but not based on what was on the canvas.










At a home decorating store there were two 20” x 28” pictures on clearance that were ugly.  I didn’t care about the orange mountain scene; I bought them for the quality of a framed canvas I was going to repurpose.

New canvas at the hobby store is expensive even with a coupon or on sale. These were $7.00 each and then I had a 15% off coupon.

Spray painted brown over mountain photo










I brought them home and spray painted them brown. I wanted straight lines that connected one painted canvas to the other.

To do this I butted and taped the two canvases together using painters masking tape. Then I painted blue and green between the lines that I had just made with the tape to create stripes. Next with the canvases still taped together, I drew some big flowers with chalk. Once again I wanted the flowers to overlap from one canvas to the other. This makes it look like one continuous picture. The chalk gave me lines that I filled in with acrylic paint in colors that matched the bedroom decor.

When I finished painting the flowers, I added decorative dots that I made by dipping the tip of the brush handle into the paint and dobbing it onto the canvas. After allowing the paint to dry, I sprayed a clear varnish to seal the paint. I hung them with an inch-and-a-half space in between. Now I have original art for my guest room.

Don’t they look great? What have you repurposed?

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