Ten Steps for a Wall Family Tree

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Family trees are a great way to display family photos. Rather than having photos lined up down the hallway, I used a vinyl sticker tree and placed the photos around the branches. Here’s how.

1) First, purchase a vinyl sticker tree that you like. They are in the home décor department at most stores, I got this one at Pier 1 Imports.

2) Select a wall where you want to place your family tree.

3) Lay the tree down on the floor and cut the branches apart. This will allow you to arrange them out like you want. You will want the tree in a shape that fits the space you’re going to use for the tree. Most vinyl trees when assembled like the package says are only 4’ tall. To make your tree taller do not put the tree together like the package says. You will cut the branches and place them in various directions to create your tree as tall and wide as you like and also make room for the photos.

4) Place the tree branches in the shape you desire and be sure and use a measuring tape or yardstick so you won’t make your tree too tall or too wide for the wall. Better to arrange the tree on the floor than to put it on the wall and see it doesn’t fit.

5) Place the photos where you want them while the tree is still on the floor. Lay the photos on top of the branches. Great grandparents and grandparents first on the bottom branches of the tree, then you and your spouse’s next, and last your children on the top branches. All the photos I choose are from everyone’s wedding. (For the grandparents I didn’t always have a wedding photo, so I used the earliest photo I could find.)

6) Make sure your wall is clean and dry.

7) Starting at the bottom peal the vinyl sticker backing off and start applying the sticker to the wall. I used a cloth rag to help press the sticker on and remove any air bubbles.

8) Get creative and make your tree unique. Have the branches go wherever you want; place the photos in whatever order you think best.

9) Step back occasionally and see if you like your placement. The nice thing about the vinyl sticker is you can take it off and replace it where you want.

10) Enjoy the new artwork. I hope you love your family tree as much as I love mine. This project was on my Sand Bucket List Update.

How far back can you go with pictures of your family?

I Love Scrapbooking

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Some of my scrapbook albums by year.

WARNING: What you are about to read can be very contagious and addictive! I heart scrapbooking! I caught this bug several years ago. It can only be cured by placing your memories in albums and leafing through them at later times to enjoy. Because I take pleasure in this pastime, I figured that one day my kids might want their own scrapbooks to enjoy.

 I have an album for each calendar year, the date is embossed on the spine of each scrapbook, these are my albums. I also have an album for each child. When making copies of photos I make an extra copy of a few photos throughout the year that I would like to put in that child’s album. For example: to record a birthday party, I may take five pages to document the event. But in the child’s album, I only put three or four photos from the big day. This let’s each of my kids have a scrapbook that is strictly theirs. They can write in, look through, touch, explore, and one day take it with them to remember their childhood. I let them decorate their album with stickers and write what they want to. This also gives a history of my child’s handwriting and creativity at each stage of their life. (They don’t write in my album.)

 It isn’t always easy to keep these albums up-to-date but I try. When there is a snow day, an unplanned free day, or a day when I just need to get away, I retreat to my albums. When working on them, I get a chance to reminisce and reflect on what a great family God has blessed me with. Good luck on this infectious disease.

Do you scrapbook?  How do you document each year?