Autumn in Southwest Colorado

Welcome to Moments with Mary

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Mary and husband in the snow


Welcome to one of my New Year resolutions…to start a blog. Several of my friends have told me for years to write stuff down that I tell them, maybe even write a book. After much persistence and encouragement from my friends, here goes. I will try to keep it short so that it will only take a moment of your time, hence Moments with Mary. The ideas I share are my thoughts and are meant to be helpful, enlightening or thought provoking in some way. My Christian views will influence what I speak or write and everything comes from my heart. What I write could be something I’ve learned or experienced and want to share. There will be posts on such things as traditions, organization, helpful hints and more. Hope you come along with me on this journey. You’ll get to know a little about me but more importantly, learn something along the way. I will try to post once a week, so keep reading.