A Dollar for Your Thoughts

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Ever seen a book or magazine with great or inspiring ideas? You think you should buy it, but don’t know if the cost is worth it? I devised a plan to help me with this dilemma. First, I decided what an idea was worth to me, it was a dollar, and a great idea was worth two. When I see a book or magazine, I thumb through it and count how many articles catch my eye. If the cost of the book or magazine is less than the amount of ideas, I buy it.

Magazines with good ideas?

Example: There is a magazine at the checkout and an article on remodeling kitchens catches my eye. I look at the magazine and glance through it to see if anything else looks good. I count six things that look appealing. The cost of said magazine is $5.95. So, I buy it! Set your own price for the value of each idea and from now on you’ll know when to buy and when to leave in on the shelf. What value do you place on a good article?